Downtown St. Louis

Like many Midwestern cities, St. Louis is vast and spread out.

Many people live in the suburbs and travel to the city for business or culture.

There are a wide varieties to do that, but with recent construction causing confusion and congestion, people have been opting for public transportation.

St. Louis moving company, Daniel’s Moving and Storage, have taken advantage of it when traveling around the city. We know how hard it can be to get used to all the aspects of moving to a new city, so we put together a few tips to help you learn your way around.

  • MetroLink- This is best way to hit the main points across the St. Louis metropolitan area. Park your car in one of the connected suburbs and get around town traffic-free! It’s also great for getting to the airport or a ballgame.
  • MetroBus- Before you venture out on the MetroBus, look up your route(s) and destinations.  It can difficult to navigate once you are in transit, so have a plan before. Also have exact change if you are paying with cash on the bus. If you don’t or only have credit, you will need to purchase your ticket beforehand.
  • Metro Call-A-Ride- This service is excellent for those who have disabilities. Simply call to reserve your spot.  Your pick up and drop off locations must be within a ¾ mile radius of a MetroBus or MetroLink station.

St. Louis has three convenient ways to get around town.  Visit their website for more information on Metro including fares, maps, and a trip planner.

Are you moving to St. Louis soon? We would be happy to take you there! Our premium moving services will allow you to stress less and enjoy your new home more. Call or visit our website to get your FREE quote today! 

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