Wichita, Kansas.

This city often gets thrown in with the “flyover states.” While it is true that much of the great state of Kansas is farmland, there is much more to it than that.

Wichita, while not the largest city, is an impressive city.  With many attractions and activities to choose from, this Midwestern city is a wonderful place to live.

As with any city, there is a learning curve to getting around.  Despite being a smaller city, there is an impressive public transportation system.  Wichita movers, Daniel’s Moving & Storage, have called this great city home for years.  To help you with the transition, we have a few tips about the public transportation.

  • Wichita Proper- The buses cover a wide expanse of the city, but they do not reach the suburbs. If you need to use public transportation, it is a good idea to get to one of the major shopping centers or airports to pick it up.
  • Schedule- Be sure to look up your schedule ahead of time. It can change and it does not operate on holidays. If you need more information, you can always look online or call the Transit Center.
  • Alternatives- Buses aren’t the only way to get around Wichita.  If you are looking for people to carpool with during your commute, you may want to look into Rideshare. Biking is another excellent way to get around town. All buses have bike racks so you have the ability to switch back and forth.

Navigating a new town can be stressful and overwhelming.  Avoid confusion and pitfalls with some of these tips!

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