Tucson bus

Cities are all different and unique.

They each have their own personalities and way of functioning. This can be true of just about every aspect of the city. It can determine how to hail a cab, make a dinner reservation, or even use public transportation.

If you just moved a new area, these can be important things to learn…and quickly. Otherwise you could be stuck on the bus for two more stops than you want.

Tucson movers, Daniel’s Moving & Storage, move people all over the country. We know how hard it can be for people to get used to a completely new way of functioning.  Which is why we put together a few tips to help you get familiar with one of the most challenging and most important aspects of Tucson…public transportation.

  • What to Ride-There aren't too many options for public transport in Tucson, but there are a couple. The Sun Link Streetcar is great if you want to get through the main strip downtown.  Otherwise, we recommend sticking with the bus.
  • Be There Early- You will want to be at the stop before the scheduled time.  If the driver does not see you on the sidewalk or in the shelter, they might not stop.
  • Boarding- Make sure you have exact change or your pass ready when you board.  Also, be considerate of others when choosing a seat and leave the front seats for the elderly and disabled.
  • Getting Off- Since you probably won’t know the area, ask you driver to announce your stop when it comes.  If you are able to know when it is about a black away, pull on the cord or press the bell tape to notify the driver that you want to get off.  Always exit through the back door unless you are going to get your bike off the front.

These are just a few tips to make your transition to Tucson a little easier.  We know you have enough going on, so we hope these can help.

We also want to help with your move! As a Tucson moving company, we can help get you to your new home quickly and efficiently.  Call or visit our website to learn more about our moving services and to get your FREE quote today!