Moving itself is overwhelming…getting adjusted to a new environment just adds to the stress.

We know how you feel. As a Long Beach moving company, we have seen many people worry about getting adjusted to a new city.  They are especially worried about getting around. Public transportation in Long Beach does a great job of providing numerous methods of getting around town. 

  • Buses- There are several bus routes that cover all of Long Beach.  From North Long Beach all the way to Seal Beach, you can find a bus to take you virtually anywhere.
  • Boat- Long Beach takes advantage of their close proximity to the Pacific Ocean.  AquaLink and AquaBus provide fast and affordable service to several ports of call.
  • Passport- This free bus is great for tourists and new residents who want to see the big attractions of Long Beach.  It has routes that will take you to the Queen Mary, Aquarium of the Pacific, Pine Avenue and more!
  • Dial-A-Lift- For those who are unable to take the public buses, there is Dial-A-Lift.  This is a shared ride unit that provides curb to curb service for people with disabilities.

There are a variety of ways to get around Long Beach, so don’t worry about getting around this town; you’ll be a pro at navigating these streets in no time!

Now that you can relax about getting around your new city, how are you going to move there? Contact the professional Long Beach movers, Daniel’s Moving & Storage.  We will provide you and your family with premier moving services.  Call or visit our website to get your FREE quote today!

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