When someone says Tucson, Arizona, what do you think of?

Many people probably think of a desert. 

Maybe you think of rock climbing or cacti. 

Whatever it is, it is probably just a small part of what makes this city so unique and great.

Tucson movers, Daniel’s Moving & Storage, are proud residents of this wonderful city. We have gotten to know things about this area that most people probably don’t know. 

This area has been a writers paradise for years.  Many writers have come out here to write their novels.  Several famous authors have graduated from U of A before going on to write best sellers.

The history is Tucson is rich and living.  Tucson has been inhabited for centuries starting with the Hohokam Indians. Not only has it been inhabited for a long period of time, some people think it is haunted.  There are certain areas of the town that have a rich spiritual history and are popular for ghost hunters.

This area has been attracting celebrities for decades.  With numerous spas to choose from and an abundance of sunshine, this is a great place for people to escape from fame for a few days.

Mountain Lion

Yes, there are rattlesnakes and tarantulas, but this town is home to more than just those creatures.  It also attracts a wide variety of deer and, our favorite, mountain lions. If you like jaguars, you might even get to spot a couple of those.

There are so many things about Tucson that make it a great place to call home or even a great place to visit.  We love being part of its vibrant and evolving community. If you are moving to Tucson, we know you’ll love it too!

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