BBQ ribs

Kansas City, Missouri…it’s home to several famous things, but it’s most delicious claim to fame is the barbecue.

Barbecue is something of a regional treat. Many regions of the United States have their own flavors. From the South Carolina mustard based barbecue to the heat of Texas barbecue, each area has its distinct flavor.

Kansas City is no different. Its sauce is known for being thick, sweet and tangy, but the other distinct quality of Kansas City barbecue is the meat. There isn’t one specialty meat.  Feel free to slather that delicious sauce on any meat.

If you are moving to Kansas City, you have plenty of options for restaurants and they all have delectable barbecue.  To help you decide which ones to try first, Kansas City movers, Daniel’s Moving & Storage, have put together a list of their top four places:

BBQ sandwich

  • B.B.’s Lawnside Blues & BBQ-  Enjoy live music while chowing down on some really good barbecue.  This barbecue joint is not limited to just barbecue. It also serves up some spicy jambalaya and some mouth-watering Italian sausage.  Save room for their amazing ribs. Some say they are the best in the city.
  • Arthur Bryant’s- This famous eatery was close to the Municipal stadium and quickly became a game day tradition. Dine-in or take out a delicious sandwich and you’ll quickly become a fan of this restaurant too!
  • Jack Stack Barbecue- This restaurant has stayed in the family since it opened in 1957. These delicious recipes have stood the test of time and continue to delight the taste buds of patrons. Even if you don’t want barbecue, they serve up some amazing steaks and fish too.
  • Gates Bar-B-Q- This locally acclaimed restaurant has made patrons regulars for years.  With amazing barbecue and excellent service, it has a found a winning combination that keeps people coming back for more.

A great way to get acquainted with your new hometown is to get out there and explore.  Taste the flavors of Kansas City at one of these great restaurants or go find your own favorite. 

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