Missouri Botanical Gardens

The Gateway to the West has stood proud since it was founded in 1764.

Can you guess which city this is?

Maybe I’ll give you a couple more hints. It’s the home of the Cardinals and Budweiser.

Yes, I’m talking about St. Louis, Missouri. This diverse city has so much to offer. Most people don’t even know everything that this great city has to offer. There are quite a few hidden gems for you to explore.

St. Louis movers, Daniel’s Moving and Storage, discuss some of our favorite spots.

  • St. Louis Zoo- This zoo is a free attraction that attracts people from all over the Midwest. It has a wide variety of animals and a train that takes you around the zoo.
  • Imo’s Pizza- This pizza is unique to the city of St. Louis.  There isn’t a place like it in the country. Enjoy their super thin crust topped with delicious toppings and melted provel cheese.
  • Missouri Botanical Garden- These gardens off so much more than just manicured flowers.  There are gardens that transport you to Japan, Germany or even Italy.  It is one of the oldest in the country and has stood the test of time as an American classic.
  • Anheuser Busch- It’s no secret that Anheuser Busch has helped define this town. It impacted the city and the country.  It continues to be an American classic just like the Clydesdales that represent it. Visit the brewery to learn more about the process or take your family to Grant’s Farm.  At Grant’s Farm, you can feed farm animals, visit with the famous horses, watch animals, and so much more!
  • Ted Drewes- If any desert is iconic to St. Louis other than ooey-gooey butter cake, it’s Ted Drewes frozen custard.  This thick, creamy custard will satisfy any sweet tooth.  It’s been featured on The Travel Channel and Food Network.

St. Louis has so much more to offer than just the five things we mentioned.  Enjoy all that this place has to offer and find your own favorite places.

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