According to The United States Census Bureau the busiest moving season is by far summer. Data shows that on average 48.4% of all the moves in a year take place between June and September, the second highest percentage coming from moves happening in May. In total, on average, 65% of household moves take place in the summer months.

The 2013 season is expected to be even busier! Recent research has shown that home values are increasing, sales are rebounding, employers are hiring and the economy is on a recovery track. In addition to these factors, there is an unusually high number of last weekend and first weekend combinations during peak months.

May: Friday 5/31, Saturday 6/1, Sunday 6/2 June: Friday 6/28, Saturday 6/29, Sunday 6/30 August: Friday 8/30, Saturday 8/31, Sunday 9/1

The best way to ensure a stress-free summer relocation is to plan ahead. Reserve movers or a rental truck and/or portable storage as far in advance as you can. Also, be sure to double check moving dates. Weekends and the end of the month are almost always the busiest times to move no matter what season. If you can be flexible try to move in the middle of the week and in the middle of the month. Try to avoid Memorial Day Weekend all together and the last weekend in July, these dates are known to be extremely busy dates nationwide. If you do reserve any dates more than two months out, be sure to follow up at least a month out to confirm your dates.

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