The most important thing to take into consideration while moving is your personal health, especially if you are pregnant. The physical and emotional stress of moving can be damaging to your body. Before beginning any move, meet with your doctor and ask him what tasks you can and cannot do. Also, here are a few additional tips:

Hire professional movers. There is no way to make your move easier than by having a professional do it for you. Daniel’s Moving and Storage will not only move all your belongings but we will also pack everything up for you. You can be ensured you will have a much less stressful moving day with Daniel’s and your own personal move coordinator. Our highly-skilled movers perform timely, careful moves at a very affordable price. Start packing early. If you do decide to take on packing yourself, as soon as you find out about your move start planning and make small goals. For instance, pack 2 boxes of non-essential items every day. By doing a little at a time, it won’t be as overwhelming. Be sure to have someone help you with bigger items and do not lift anything too heavy. Being pregnant already puts extra stress on your joints and moving could cause additional damage. Decide what is essential/non-essential. Label boxes by order to unpack. You should put all your most essential items in box 1 and least essential items should be unpacked last. Some items to consider putting in the first boxes to be unpacked would include dishes, cooking utensils, linens, personal hygiene products, etc. Also, be sure to pack a bag you will keep with you on moving day that includes a change of clothes, personal hygiene products, and medications you need, water, food and any other items you deem necessary to have your first night in your new home. This will help you be able to unpack at a slower, more relaxed pace. Moving day. Make sure on moving day you do as little work as possible. Again, hiring a moving company will make the day as easy as possible. Be sure to stay hydrated, cool, and take breaks often. Be careful of heavy lifting and keep an eye out to see if your feet get swollen, if you feel lightheaded, or feel anything out of the ordinary, stop what you’re doing and take a break.

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