We have put together a comprehensive list of everything you need to keep organized before/during a move. The list starts at eight weeks out from your move and includes everything you need up until moving day. This is a must-have printable checklist for anyone moving, whether it be by yourself or through Daniel's Moving and Storage.

The first two pages include a checklist that organizes your 'to-do's', from six to eight weeks out all the way through moving day. The next list is a utilities checklist, which includes a checklist for getting any security deposits back, new account numbers, turn-off dates and turn-on dates. The fourth page will help you determine who to send any change of address notifications out to and help you create any new documents with your new address on them. The fifth page is an items to return/retrieve checklist, this is vital to ensure you have all your belongings before moving and don't get charged for any unreturned items. The sixth page will ensure you have your last out, first to open boxes organized with all the useful items you will need per room of the house. The next page is a simple packing supplies checklist, useful if you are going to be packing by yourself. A majority of the packing supply items can be purchased from Daniel's Moving and Storage. The next page is a list of items that are not allowed to be taken by any van lines, and should be disposed of before the movers get there. There is also a list of items you should bring with you when moving and keep in your possession at all times. The final page is a garage/yard sale guide, this checklist should help you successfully plan and execute a garage sale to get rid of any unwanted junk, prior to your move. Garage sales are a great way to get rid of items, which in turn means less packing for you and more money in your pocket.