No matter what you do, downsizing is a difficult process, but Daniel's Moving and Storage can help. Obviously, size and space are the biggest factors, but for some people adjusting to neighbors right on the other side of you may be just as difficult. While there is no downplaying the fact that this is a big change in your life, here are some tips on how to handle downsizing successfully.

Know the exact size difference between your old and new home. The first step is to know the exact size difference between your house and your new apartment, or smaller home. It is important to know how much space you are losing so you can get rid of, or store, an adequate amount of things that won’t fit in your new home. Also, be sure to account for difference in cabinet space in both the kitchen and throughout the home. In some cases, apartments actually may have more cabinet and storage space. Get rid of all your lawn and yard supplies. On the bright side of things, you no longer have to care for a front, back or side yard. Get rid of any lawn mowers, weed eaters, garden hoses and rakes. These items are usually popular in garage sales and could make you a few bucks. Learn how to stack and hang. In most cases, there will be more things you want to keep than can fit in your new apartment. Learn how to save space by stacking and hanging items efficiently. Some examples are to hang a tall bookshelf length-wise and fill it with plastic or cloth drawers to save floor space. Really utilize shelf space and get items off the floor and counters, so your space doesn’t look cluttered.  Also, hang things from the ceiling or in closet spaces. For instance, you can use a pot-and-pan rack that hangs from the ceiling in your kitchen, to save room for dishes and baking pans. Another tip is to hang your shoes on a shoe organizer in your closet to save floor space. Utilize storage units. If you are downsizing from a large house to an apartment, temporarily or for a year or two, storage units may be your best bet to hold furniture and other items you will need in the future.  Daniel’s Moving and Storage offers storage that is licensed, professionally-ran, and is safe and affordable. Be sure any storage company you decide on has security and surveillance systems to ensure your belongings remain exactly as you left them. Daniel’s offers short-and long-term storage for any household or commercial items. The warehouses are fumigated on a monthly basis and no items are stored on the ground. Tips on choosing an apartment: Apartment units in the middle of a building are going to be loudest, due to the fact you have neighbors on all sides. Look for an apartment on the end, or if offered above a personal garage. Also make sure to choose an apartment that caters to your specific needs. If you’re moving with a family, make sure the apartment complex has a lot of families or is family friendly. Make a checklist of facilities you must-have, want, and don’t want before apartment hunting, whether that be a pool, spa, gym, office center, etc. This will help you from wasting time going to complex’s you know won’t fit all your needs.