The move is finally over, the Daniel's moving trucks have left and you've made it to your new place, now what? Whether you have moved in to a new neighborhood, a new state, or a new country exploring and understanding your new community will make any move easier. Here are a few tips to help you settle in to your new surroundings:
  1. Pretend You’re On Vacation. If you are completely unfamiliar with your new area pretend you’re on vacation. Research attractions online or even find a guide-book that highlights sights to see and provide you with maps and key routes. Also, any towns' Chamber of Commerce should have visitor information that you may find useful, most usually have a website with the information online too. Keep an open mind and try new things! Your new community may surprise you.
  2. Find a Place To Volunteer. Research local non-profits or offer to volunteer at your children’s new school. This will help you get to know the school and help you meet new people in the area. You will also get the satisfaction of helping others while still socializing with individuals who share similar interests.
  3. Connect With Your Community. Read the local paper or check out the local paper’s website. Most city centers or Chamber of Commerce’s have links to the local news websites. Check out Facebook for any groups in your community you can join. All of these will provide you with community events, clubs and organizations you can get involved in to meet new people in the area.
  4. Check Out The Library. Head to the library, and not just for library card. While everyone should have a library card, the library can also provide a ton of information on what is going on in the community. You can check out local papers, use the computers to research local websites, and find bulletins on various upcoming community events.  If there is a college nearby check out their main library on campus as well, they may have additional information.
  5. Have a Party! You may be fortunate enough to have new neighbors who greet you as soon as you move in, but if not hosting a housewarming party is a great way to meet your neighbors. Even if you haven’t met many people, hosting a party is a great way to put yourself out there. You can invite people from work or parents from your children’s’ new school. Ask everyone to bring a card with their three favorite things to do or see in the community. You will learn about your new area and make new friends all at the same time.

Here is Daniel's Checklist to help you settle in to your new home:


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