Packing supplies needed for fragile items:

  • Newspaper
  • Packing tape
  • Markers
  • Bubble wrap
  • Cardboard boxes
  • Styrofoam peanuts
  • Stretch plastic wrap
How to Pack Mirrors and Artwork: Framed mirrors and artwork often have glass that can move or shift during a move. To secure the glass tape a star pattern on the glass to safeguard and keep the glass from moving. After the glass is secured, place Styrofoam corner protectors on each corner or wrap the entire item with bubble wrap. If the artwork or mirrors are being transported by a moving truck, it may be best to buy an artwork box or crate. These boxes include slots that will keep the piece in place and prevent any friction between the items.

How to Pack Glassware and China: Since glassware and china is heavier than typical items being packed, be sure to secure the box by taping the bottom, or use a wooden box. It is usually better to go with smaller boxes, so that they don’t get over packed and are easier to carry. There are also specially designed boxes just for stemware, which provide individual slots for glasses.

Once the boxes are ready to go add a layer of bubble wrap to the bottom of the box, this will prevent any initial shock. Next, wrap each fragile item in bubble wrap or newspaper. Be sure that the newspaper is blank or has no ink on it, since the ink can bleed and ultimately stain china or glassware. Place the heavier items on the bottom of the box, lighter items on top, and be sure to leave space and not overcrowd the box. Finally, pour in Styrofoam peanuts to fill up any empty space and add extra protection for the fragile items.

After you close the box, and tape it up, be sure to mark it as fragile or somehow make it identifiable. Professional movers always pack fragile boxes for last. If you are moving yourself be sure to do the same. You may even want to transport your most fragile items in your car, to have more control over the ride.

How to Pack Electronics: First, be sure that any electronics are completely empty of CD’s or DVD’s. Also be sure to back up any files on your computer, just and secure any moving parts with plastic wrap. To make unpacking easier, make sure to label all wires and adapters.

The original packaging and box for electronics is usually the best container to pack it in, but if you do not have the original box there are other options. Choose a box that is slightly larger than the piece and layer it with bubble wrap or Styrofoam peanuts. Than place the item inside and add another layer of bubble wrap or peanuts.

How to Pack Furniture: Wrap all furniture in plastic wrap to protect it from dirt and scratches. The stretch wrap will also keep drawers in place. Any legs on furniture should be covered with bubble wrap, since they are more susceptible to being broken off. Load the heaviest furniture into the moving truck first and then cover it with blankets for extra cushioning.