One of the first decisions you have to make when moving is what moving company to use. Choosing a moving company is completely determined by how well any specific company can fit the needs, wants, and budget of a given individual. You may have heard horror stories of disreputable companies, so determining the best one for you and your move is vital.

Some moving companies only offer specific services while others, such as Daniel’s Moving and Storage, are full service moving companies. Full service moving companies offer a wide range of services including packing services, packing material sales, unpacking services, and storage and warehousing options.  Look at the moving process as a whole and determine which of these services you need or want, before deciding on what moving company to use.

A good time to start looking for your moving company is about 4-8 weeks before moving day. The farther in advance you book your move, the better. The busiest time for movers is at the end of the month, on Fridays and on the weekends. If you’re able to, schedule your move on a quieter day like a Monday, and you may be able to receive discounts.

Next, decide what exactly it is you want from a move. Make a checklist of what you need the moving company to do and also what you are expecting yourself to do during the move. This well help you get the most accurate quote and will help the moving company understand your needs. Some examples to include on the checklist may be:

  • Preferred moving dates
  • How far you are moving
  • Will you be packing yourself or do you want to hire packers or packing materials?
  • Do you need storage facilities?
  • How much stuff do you have? (how many rooms, how many feet of closet space etc)
  • How much insurance will you need?
  • Do you have any highly valuable items?
Reputation is very important when selecting a moving company. Ask close friends or relatives for recommendations, however also make sure the company has the skills, resources and experience for your move’s needs. You can also ask realtors or estate agents, they should have knowledgeable recommendations. You may also be able to get an idea of the company’s reputation from online internet search sites. It’s important to be sure the company is accredited. They should be a part of a moving association or trade body. If they are accredited, you can usually assume that the company adheres to certain standards and that you will have recourse to action if there are any problems. If you still have any doubts you can always ask for referrals of previous satisfied customers, from the moving company itself.

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Once you have put together a short list of moving companies you are interested and comfortable in using, you will want to get a quote from each one. You will find a wide variety of costs and services and various ways of pricing. Some companies charge an hourly rate, some by estimated volume based on the amount of rooms in the home, some by what types of furniture and goods you’re moving, and some by the estimated weight of the load.  At Daniel’s Moving we will always send a representative out to your house to examine the goods and give you the most accurate pricing estimate.

Don’t just look at the price when you get a quote; be sure to evaluate what you are receiving for that price. It may be most beneficial to pay a little more to get more service. Also be sure to ask about how long it will take to complete the move, what insurance cover they offer and claims protection. Never choose a company that doesn’t provide adequate insurance. It’s important to get the quote in writing and make sure you totally understand the details of the quote a company provides you.

Once you have talked to all the companies on your list and have read through their quotes, you should have enough information to make an informative choice. You may choose just based on budget or you may prefer to go with a company you feel most comfortable with. Once you have made a decision you will probably be asked to sign some sort of confirmation that outlines your agreement. This is a good idea to make sure all parties are on the same page. Now you can begin planning for moving day!

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