When you decide to move you have a lot to worry about, the environment may be the last thing on your mind. There are ways to move "green" and we have provided some of those eco-friendly tips here for you. So you can worry about your house, save money and help the environment out.

Packing Packing is often the step where the most damage to the environment is done. Try to use recycled materials such as old newspaper, clothing, blankets, sheets, and pillows to cut down on excess packing materials. But be sure that your items are still safe and secure. Daniel's Moving and Storage also offers the green option of  tapeless cartons. These unique boxes greatly reduce the amount of waste by eliminating the need for tape. During The Move During your move there are many different green options offered by Daniel's. For instance, re-usable bins and gondolas are used. These bins are recycled many times and can be used for multiple moves, reducing paper waste. There are also recycled furniture pads available for use. The pads are cleaned and reused in several moves, again cutting down on unnecessary waste. Finally, we use an electronic scanning and invoicing system that saves thousands of pieces of paper from being thrown away. After The Move If you decide not to use our tapeless boxes, we will recycle your boxes for you. Daniel's Moving and Storage offers a Cardboard Recycling Program, where you can bring us your old boxes to be recycled into new ones. For office and warehouse moves, we also offer carbon offsets, that immediately reduce your carbon footprint. Finally, we recycle the tires we use on our trucks. All of these options help out the environment even after the move is over.

For more "green" moving tips, head over to or give us a call at 602-278-6110, and ask to talk to one of our moving coordinators.