"Integrity is easy to say.  However managing it from the bottom to the top is work.  We are committed to integrity and excellence."

As the founder of Daniel’s Moving & Storage, Inc.  Daniel has worked in every aspect of the industry. Beginning with COD local and interstate relocation, developing the largest division of O & I moving in the state of Arizona, and developing strong community ties as a springboard for future growth and development. Daniel’s Moving and Storage has expanded to 4 locations throughout the U.S with branches in; Tucson, AZ, Kansas City, MO and Wichita, KS.  All of which have recently earned the highest Customer Service Award for Atlas agents.

Here is our one-on-one interview with Daniel Ozbun:

DANIEL ON FORKLIFT 1)      When and why did you first get started in the moving industry? Daniel Ozbun: I recall my first experience in moving.  My family did a self move from Los Angeles to Phoenix when I was 11.  It was in the summer so I had the opportunity to assist.  It was a lot of work but really fun to see how all the pieces of the puzzle fit together.  We moved to Phoenix so that my parents could take over a Tupperware Distributorship.  Our first duty was to relocate the business from its location to a new headquarters.  That meant all of the office furniture, warehouse product, shelving, assembly lines etc.  On the second day of this relocation my father got sunstroke.  So he was laid up in bed and asked me to run the move for him.  This turned out to be a huge responsibility as he was sick in bed for three days.  We did not have any family here nor did we know anyone.  So the responsibility to handle the crew and trucks was all mine.  I learned that I enjoyed all of the process and thought how fun it would be to do this for a living.

Fast forward to when I turned 16.  I was working for my parents full-time while finishing up high school.  My father asked me to take one of our delivery trucks and one of the guys out of our Tupperware warehouse and go back to Los Angeles where I was to pack and load my grandparents so they could move to Phoenix.  His instructions were specific:  Leave Friday, be back to work by Monday and DON’T BREAK ANYTHING!  As it turns out I was meant for this business.  I followed all of his instructs perfectly.  My grandparents were thrilled!  I have been doing this full-time ever since then.  I graduated from high school, started doing advertising and have built the business from the ground up since.

2)      What motivated you to start your own moving and storage company? Daniel Ozbun: The opportunity to work for myself, help others get to where they wanted to go and it is something I am great at doing. 3)      Throughout all your years in the industry, what do you think was the hardest obstacle to overcome to keep your business so successful?  Daniel Ozbun: People, has been and continues to be the biggest challenge.  Helping them achieve greatness is one of my personal quests. 4)      What do you think separates Daniel’s Moving and Storage from the rest of the competition? Daniel Ozbun: Integrity with excellence.  It sounds way easier than it is.  Doing the right thing all the time is one of our quests.  Keeping everyone dialed in to meet this objective is what separates us.  Integrity is easy to say.  However managing it from the bottom to the top is work.  Daniel's is committed to integrity and excellence.  It is a part of our company core values and we focus on it daily. DMH