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Multi-Year Milton M. Hill Quality Award Winner
Milton M. Hill Quality Award

The Atlas Milton M. Hill Quality award is the ultimate mark of distinction for Atlas agents; those who earn it truly rank among "the best of the best." It's Atlas' most rigorous and demanding evaluation of an agent's quality pedigree. The Milton M. Hill Quality Award goes to only those who demonstrate their dedication to customers by upholding the highest standards of quality in every aspect of their business. This is where Daniel's Moving & Storage comes in. To qualify for the award, recipients must meet or exceed Atlas standards in all quality criteria, including customer satisfaction, weight estimating accuracy, claims ratios, safety and warehouse ratings. Our Phoenix and Kansas City branches have been honored with this award.

World-Class Commitment Award

World-Class Commitment Award

The Atlas World-Class Commitment program mandates a quarterly assessment of Atlas Van Lines agencies in 12 critical areas, including customer satisfaction, estimating accuracy, and claims experience. Physical inspections for each agent are submitted to Atlas and any needs for improvement are addressed immediately. Atlas reviews and refines their standards regularly to continuously elevate the performance of the entire network and further its pursuit of total customer satisfaction. Our Tucson branch has been honored with this award.

Hauling Excellence Award

Hauling Excellence Award

The Atlas Hauling Excellence Award recognizes agents who handle a significant amount of household goods volume, maintain excellence in their operations, and receive at least a 90 percent favorable response when customers are asked if they would again choose the agency's services. Two of our Daniel's Moving & Storage branches have been honored with this award - Phoenix and Kansas City.

Sales Achievement Award

The Sales Achievement Award is presented to those agents who have Convention Year (July 1 through June 30) sales in excess of $1,000,000. Sales revenues for Atlas Van Lines and its forwarders are included in this category. Two of our Daniel's Moving & Storage branches have been honored with this award - Phoenix and Kansas City.

Phoenix Daniel's Moving & Storage

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Awesome Moving Experience

Awesome Job. Lupe,Jason,Mark,Emargo,Caleb, and Ken..Know one works better or harder.