Tucson Mover Review by Marc T.

Hello Daniels Moving. We feel we need to reach out to you to let you know how happy we were with your service. After researching on the internet and trying to decide which moving company to use and reading so many negative reviews for most companies we decided to go with the cheapest price. What a mistake! The price that Teresa had given us was very comparable and we wish we had gone with Daniel's from the start! Also, Teresa also came to our home to view or belongings which most companies would not do. The moving company we chose had a month to get a truck to our house. On the Monday they were supposed to arrive they could not even tell us if the movers were going to be at our residence during that week. We had already planned on being back here in Massachusetts for job interviews and moving into our rental for a year. I called Teresa not knowing what to expect after deciding to go with another company. She was so eager to help us in our transition back to Massachusetts. She arranged for the movers to come to our house two days later and take all of our furniture and belongings to storage so we could leave and she scheduled a date with Lisa to have our belongings transported. The movers that arrived to take our belongings and the movers that brought our belongings here to Massachusetts were very friendly and professional. Everything arrived in the condition it was when it was picked up. We were also very pleased that the price we were told it was going to cost us was the price that we had to pay when our belongings arrived. We would like to give the most kudos to Teresa and Lisa! They were so friendly and helpful and every time we called and they answered their phones to tell us what was going on quickly and friendly. We highly recommend Daniels Moving!