Phoenix Mover Review by Cynthia

My husband and I underwent a cross-country move earlier this summer, from Iowa to California. Moving cross-country is stressful enough, so I wanted to make sure I had the best on hand to help us pack, oversee the move, and unpack at our final destination. I worked with Global Mobility Solutions (GMS) and Atlas movers, via Daniels in Phoenix. I had worked with an Atlas mover once before moving across country and had a very positive experience, so decided to work with them again. And yes, GMS was able to secure several bids for me, and Atlas was not the least expensive. But when you are budgeting for such an expense and you have other variables (family, pets) to manage during the move, I wanted the service to be seamless. And with very few exceptions, it was. I would definitely recommend working with all -- Ken Jones and Jon Fishman from GMS helped me select the movers and overcome any hiccups in the process; Jodi Davis at Daniels was great as my move coordinator and contact through the various stages of the move (the initial inspection to determine moving needs, the securing of special assistance to handle clocks, artwork, and the final logistics of the move), and of course Ed and Trish Dale, the husband and wife team who showed up every morning with smiles on their faces (no matter what the challenges were!), oversaw the packing and unpacking, and drove the truck itself across country. They were simply great and really helped alleviate alot of the stress that comes alone with such a move. Highly recommend all, and would definitely use again.